Chapter 2 study guide

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What do you call a connector on a motherboard that consists of pins that stick up from the board?Socket
The wires leading from the front of the computer case to the motherboard are called the _______________.front panel connectors
_____________ are round plastic or metal pegs that separate the motherboard from the case, so that components on the back of the motherboard do not touch the case.Standoffs
In what order should you install components into the case after disassembling a computer?(must know correct order and names to get it correct)power supply, drives, motherboard, cards
A system will always require what power connector?P1 power connector
Which statement is true regarding the installation of the motherboard and connecting power?a 4-pin power cord supplies supplemental power to the processor
What type of connector is not typically found on the front panel header?SATA controller
The __________ front panel connector controls power to the motherboard and must be connected for the PC to power up.Power SW
The __________ controls the drive activity light on the front panel that lights up when any SATA or IDE device is in use.HDD LED
The __________ controls the power light and indicates that power is on.Power LED+
The __________ front panel connector is the switch used to reboot the computer.Reset SW
What does a small triangle embedded on a connector signify?the wire nearest the triangle is pin 1
Where should you clip your ESD strap when opening a computer case?computer case
Most manufacturers or retailers of laptops offer a warranty that lasts for at least how long?1 Year
Replacing the _____ might be more cost effective than performing labor-intensive repairs, such as replacing the motherboard.laptop
If a ground strap is unavailable, what should be done to dissipate any ESD before working on a laptop?Touch a non-painted metallic surface on the computer
What should be done after reassembling a laptop, but before installing the battery or AC adapter?Gently shake the laptop to ensure nothing is loose inside of the case
Which component may be considered a field replaceable unit (FRU)? 1)LCD screen 2)power supply 3)hard drive 4) All listed items. All listed items
Which of the following statements regarding working inside a laptop computer is true?(Memorize the answer)When upgrading a laptop, you should use components that are the same brand as the laptop, or use only recommended components.
When is it okay to touch the inside of a computer that is turned on?When using a multimeter to measure voltage output
A _______ connector uses a lever or latch to prevent force from being used on a sensitive connection.ZIF

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