Chapter 2 SS GR4 Pearson Regions

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What does an archeologist do? An archeologists studies artifacts to learn about ancient people
How were native american groups affected by their environment?They were hunter - gathers so they had to move with the season changes to find food.
Who started America's first colonies?Europeans explored and settled the Americas.
Before the US was the US what were they?They were the 13 English Colonies
From who did the 13 English colonies win independence and how?The colonist won independence from Great Britain by winning the Revolutionary War.
As a young nation what document was written as the law for the USA?The Constitution was written as the new law and is still what we follow today
How did the young, new nation, double in size?Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from France, buying land west of the Mississippi.

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What was Manifest Destiny?It was America's clear duty to expand the nation from coast to coast.
Who were Lewis and Clark?Explorers hired by Thomas Jefferson to map out the land bought from France in the Louisiana Purchase.
How were the economies of the Northern and Southern states different?The noth had more people, cities and factories. The south was mostly farms.
Who fought the civil War?American citizens from the North fought American citizens from the South. Slavery was the main issue they were fighting over.
What was Reconstruction?Reconstruction was the period of time that the South was rebuilt.

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What is the transcontinental railroad?Transcontinental Railroad was a railroad that crossed the continent. This railroad connected the USA from coast to coast.
What is manufacturing?Manufacturing is making goods by machine, usually in factories.
What does it mean to be a diverse nation?People from various cultures came to the United States to live.
What was the Great Depression? In 1929 the economy went into a deep slow down. Many people had no job, most people were very poor and found it hard to meet their needs.

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What was WW1?The nations of Europe went to war with each other. America entered against Germany after American ships were sunk. Germany lost.
What was WW2?In the 1930, Hitler and the Nazi Party controlled Germany and were invading Europe again. Japan teamed up with Germany and when Japan attached the US, the US entered WW2. Atomic bombs were dropped to end the war.
What was the Cold War?The rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union was called the Cold War?
What is communism?Communism is when a nations government controls the economic and political systems of that country.

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What are Civil Rights?The rights to freedom and equality
What is a boycott?It's when a group of people stops doing something in order to protest.

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