Chapter 2 Socialization

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Section 1

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How is a profession generally distinguished from other kinds of occupationsprolong specialization, skill and orientation toward the service
How is professional socialization beneficialallows members of a profession to communicate efficiently
What is the goal of professional socializationmembers is to internalize a professional identity that includes the norms, values and attitudes of the profession
Purpose of standardsserves as a yardstick for the measurements used in licensure, certification, accreditation, quality assurance and peer review
What organization create the standards for nursingANA (american nursing association)
How many standards of professional nursing existednine 9
What is the purpose of a sanctionsto enforced norms
What is it called when RN returns to BSN schoolre-socialization
Core value in nursingcaring
What are the three main challenges for nursing as a professionLevel of entry into practice--gaps btw education and practice and Professional Identity
When was the ANA created1965
What year did the ANA develop standards of clinical nursing practice 1991
What is the purpose of scope and standardreflect on values--provide directions--provide framework--define the professions accountability to the public
What are the two parts of ANA's scope and standard practicestandard of care --- standard of professional practice
Where did the nursing process steam from (Think Profriency) ANA standards


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Models that describe the process of socialization Henshaw--Simpson--Davis
Models of career developmentKramer--Dalton--Benner
A set of expectations that is associated with a position in societyrole
Give the three elements of a roleideal--perceived--performed
What are the components associated with role behaviorsnorms and values
How many stages and what are they in relation to Simpson ModelIt has three stages, becoming proficient in task, finding an attachment and internalizing the role
How many stages and what are they in relation to Henshaw ModelIt has three phases, 1.Transition of anticipated role expection to the role expectations of societal group ---2.Attachment to significant others/labeling in congruencies--3.Internalization of role values/behaviors
Which of the Models stressed the importance of good role modelHinshaw
How many stages and what are they in relation to Davis Model1.Initial Innocence work--2.Labeled recognition ----3.Psyching outand role simulation--- 4.Increasing role simulation--5.Provisional internalization--6.Stable internalization
Which nursing theorist identified the five stages of novice to expertBenner
Which Model states a change in role makes one become a novice once againBenner

Role Theory

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Elements of a roleideal--perceived--preformed
The facility's policy describing nurses rolesideal role
How the nurse herself interpret the roleperceived role
What is done in the real worldpreformed role



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Define role strain is defined as an emotional reaction when role stress is not resolved
Why is role strain dangerousbe responsible for mental health issues, can have an effect on blood pressure, and nurses can be effected by working shifts and then coming home and family expects caregiving as well.
Define Role Stressoccurs when situations or aspects of the environment affect an individuals ability to carry out the perceived obligations of the role. Exacerbated when role functions do not match identity characteristics
Define Role Strainan emotional reaction when role stress is not resolved
Define Role Conflictrefers to the stress that occurs when an individual feels required to meet the obligations of 2 different roles at the same time.(ex: caring for your sick grandmother)
Define Role Overloadoccurs where time and resources allotted for a given role are insufficient to meet role expectations.
Define Role Ambiguitywhen obligations and privileges of a given role are not clearly defined.
Define Role Discrepancyoccurs when an individuals conception of a role is different than the actual obligation of the role.
Define Role Incongruitywhen obligations of the role come into conflict with the nurses own values
how to avoid
avoiding any blending of personal and professional roles
Define role integrationmovement between roles is fluid
Controlling Role Conflicttake short breaks, exercise, get adequate sleep, adjust work schedule for personal needs, or take a leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.
Controlling Role Overload delegate, follow-up, prioritize, make changes to physical environment
Controlling Role Ambiguityclearly your role define role, orientation, mentoring, identify and form relationships, review job description.
Controlling Role Discrepancydebriefing, clinical ladders, task analysis, get support from co-workers
Controlling Role Incongruityvalues clarification, empowerment, whistle blowing

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Professionprolonged, education, and orientation into a role
Define Disciplinebranch of knowledge
What type of discipline is nursing?Professional discipline / b/c it has to do with some clinical knowledge not just academic
Goal of professional socializationinternalize a professional identity that includes the norm, values, attitude and behaviors of the profession
Intrinsic aspect of socialization processsocial control , the discipline must be allowed to regulate them selves
Function as a yard stick to measure nursesNursing Standards
Which organization develops nursing standards?ANA (American Nursing Association) 1991
The two parts of Nursing standardsScope and Standard Practice
Process in which members learn rules and normsSocialization
How many parts do ANA have15
Where do the nursing process come fromANA
Nursing core value?caring
The socialization of RN's returning back to schoolre-socialization
Three elements of a roleideal, perceived role, performed role
When a person behave & fulfill the role exp by societyrole mastery
General expectation that support behaviorsNorm
What is the general expectation that justify behaviorsvalues
Purpose of Nurse Practice Act?to protect the public
Role Stresswhen perception vs. reality (ideal don't match practice)
By product of role stressrole strain
#1 cause of role stressloss of control
How long to socialization typically takeit is life long process