Chapter 2 - Framing Business Ethics

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Section 1

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Corporate Accountability is..whether a corporation is answerable in some way for the consequence of its action
Firms have taken the role of 'political actors' because...of Government failure and corporations rise in power (de-regulation leads to more power, privatization of public services e.g. Royal Mail, NHS)
What are the issues of democratic accountability?Who control corporations? Who are corporations accountable to? Key is transparency
Transparency refers to..Degree to which corporate decisions, policies, activities and impacts are acknowledged and made visible to stakeholders

Section 2

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Corporate Citizenship is..The corporate role in governing citizenship rights for individuals. 3 perspectives. All businesses have responsibilities (ethics, legal),
A limited view of corporate citizenship..Philanthropy as main activity. Equates CC with philanthropy (philanthropy as responsibility)
An equivalent view of CCEquates CC with CSR
An extended view of CCAcknowledges extended political role of corporation in society. Takes notion of 'citizenship' as starting point. and idea that citizenship is defined as a set of individual rights
Social rights (to participate in society), Civil rights (freedom from abuses), Political rights (right to vote)

Section 3 :

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Failure of government to fulfil traditional functions means..corporations has increasingly took political role in society as political actors
BMW ExampleCC is integral part of their identity. Focus on social inclusion