Chapter 2.3 in elearn test

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You need to attach a RJ-45 connector to the end of a Cat 6 UTP table. which tool do you use?Crimper
You need to trace the route that a Cat 6 UTP cable takes through the ceiling and walls of the building. which tool should you useTone probe
You need to connect the end of a Cat 6 UTP cableto a 110 punch down block. which tool should you use? Punchdown tool
What are loopback plugs used for?testing ports by returning output signals as inputs
which tool would you use to grab small objects 3 prong holder
which tool would you use to measure electrical properties such as voltage,amps, and resistance? multimeter
A Printer is behaving erratically and you suspect a faulty parallel port. what tool do you use to test the parallel port? loopback plug

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