Chapter 19

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AksumAn important trading capital from the first to the eight centuries In what is now Ethiopa
Oduvai gorgeA site of fossil beds in northern Tanzania containing a record of humanity
Berlin conferenceA conference of 14 European nations held in 1884-1885 in Berlin Germany to establish rules for political control of Africa
Cash cropsA crop grown for direct sale and not for use in a region such as coffee tea and sugar in Africa
MasaiEast African ethnic group that lives on the grasslands of the Rift Valleys in Kenya and Tanzania
PandemicA disease affecting a large population over a wide geographical area
CarthageOne of the great empires of ancient Africa situated on a triangular peninsula on the gulf of Tunis on the coast of the meditteranean sea
IslamA monotheistic religion based on the teachings o the prophet Muhammad and the biggest cultural and Religous influence in North Africa
RaiA kind of popular Algerian music developed in the 1920s by poor urban children that is fast paced with danceable rhythms
Goree islandAn island off the of Senegal that served as a major departure point for slaves during the slave trade
Stateless societyOne in which people use lineages or families whose members are descended from a common ancestor to govern themselves
AshantiA people who live in what is now Ghana in west Africa and who are known for their artful weaving of colorful kente clothes
Bantu migrationsThe movement of the Bantu people's southward throughout Africa spreading their languages and cultures
King Leopoldo IIThe Belgian King who opened up the African interior to European trade along the Congo river
Mobutu sese sekoThe leader of Zaire which is now the democratic republic of the Congo from its independence in the 1960s until 1997
Fang sculptureCarved boxes containing the skulls and bones of deceased ancestors created by the fang
Great Zimbabwe A city established in what is now Zimbabwe by the Shona around 1000 it became the capital of a thriving gold trading area
Mutapa empireA state founded in the 15th century by a man named Mutota and that extended throughout all of present day Zimbabwe except the eastern part
ApartheidA policy of complete separation of the races instituted by the white minority government of South Africa
Nelson MandelaOne of the leaders of the African national congress who led a struggle to end apartheid and was elected president

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