Chapter 19 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
pa - to climb
一半yiban - half
ke - thristy
kuai - [a measure word to describe something cubical or flat]
石头shitou - stone, rock
危险weixian - at risk, dangerous
小心xiaoxin - to be careful, to take care
diao - to drop, to fall
继续jixu - to continue, to go one with
pi - peel, rind, skin
reng - to throw, to toss
垃圾桶lajitong - garbage can
tong - barrel, bucket, pail
小路xiaolu - lane, footway, sideway
山顶shanding - top of mountain, summit
大路dalu - main road
安全anquan - safe, secure
重要zhongyao - important, critical

Section 2

Question Answer
xi - to develop (film)
xiao - to smile, to laugh
原来yuanlai - original, former
自从zicong - since
bian - to become, to change
户外huwai - outdoor
积极jiji - active
dai - to stay
jiao - to make friends with, to associate with
健身jianshen - to keep fit
差不多chabuduo - almost, nearly
看来kanlai - to appear, to seem
可爱ke'ai - lovable, lovely

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