Chapter 19 Cert Quiz

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Section 1

Question Answer
An instrument used to grasp a tissue is aforceps
The instrument used to remove stitches is suture scissors
A procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy tissue is cryosurgery
Which of the following statements is true regarding the size of suture or ligature4-0 suture is finer than 2-0 suture
Which of the following sutures does not require removal from the bodycatgut
The type of wound caused by the scraping off the outer layer of skin is an abrasion
Which of the following instruments is used to scrape foreign substance from an earcurette
The type of bandage material that is not intended to apply pressure but to hold a dressing in place on the forearm is rolled gauze
A type of wound caused by a blunt trauma to the body that results in bleeding below unbroken skin is acontusion
Items that are placed on the sterile field of a biopsy surgical tray set up include the following exceptbandage scissors
The type of material preferred to bandage a digit is tube gauze
Which of the following statements is true regarding sterile tray setup a 1 inch border around the sterile field is considered contaminated
A fenestrated sterile draphas an opening in the middle and is placed over the area of the patient where a surgical incision will be made
To ensure package sterility, the medical assistant shoulduse only dry, undamaged sterile packages
Electrosurgery is used to dissect and coagulate tissue
The first step performed to set up a sterile field is towash your hands

Section 2

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After a surgical procedure, the guidelines for discarding materials includeplacing all sharps in a biohazard sharps container
An instrument used to explore anatomic structures is a probe
Instruments used to hold back tissue and organs areretractors
A common antiseptic solution used to prep the surgical site is betadine
A jagged traumatic cut resulting in irregular wound edges is a laceration
An instrument used to examine the interior canals or of hollow internal organs is anendoscope
The procedure for delivering local anesthetic to the sterile field is towhile the physician holds the syringe with sterile gloved hands, the ma holds a vial of solution for the physician and the physician draws out the required amount of solutiuon
The bandage material preferred when pressure is required over the injured area is elastic bandage
A wrapped, autoclaved, sterile package is opened on the mayo stand by opening the top flap of the wrapperaway from you
Prior to any type of surgery, it is important to obtaininformed consent
The agent used to prepare the patients skin prior to an incision is an antiseptic
For reimbursement of a surgical procedure, the insurance company usually requires prior authorization
Prior to the surgery, the medical assistant takes the adult patients vitals which are normal, which group of vitals are normalT: 37c orally, P:68, R:14
Before the surgery was performed, the team conducted a time out which includedthe correct patient identification