Chapter 18 Review Senses

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Question Answer
The scientific name for sense of smell isOfaction
The two senses located in the ear areHearing and Balance
The receptor layer of the eye is called the Retina
The scientific name for the white of the eye is the Sclera
The receptors for general senses are Pain, touch, pressure, temperature and proprioception
The ear is divided into 3 parts what are theyInner, middle, outer
The outer ear consists of projectingPina
Glands in the external canal produce a waxy material calledCerum
Otitis is whatInflammation of the ear
What is Otitis Externa Inflammation of the external Auditory Canal
What is AudiometryMeasure of sound
Define OtoscopeExamining the ear
The eye protected by its position within a bony socket is calledOrbit
The ______ glands constantly bathe and cleanse the eyes with a lubricating fluid that drains into the noseLacrimal
____ is a muscular ring that controls the size of the ____Iris;Pupil
The condition of nearsightedness is calledMyopia
The condition of farsightedness is called Hyperopia