Chapter 18 - part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
What are the 4 steps in developing a procedure?1. Flowchart to document workflow. 2. Write down steps. 3. Define who performs steps. 4. Review periodically (should be updated at least once a year).
What is a companies most important asses?Employees
This makes up most of a companies operating budget?Staff salaries and benefits
What do really good leaders do?Inspire and motivate others.
Effective team leadership and supervision of employees leads to what? Improved performance, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.
Supervisory ManagementOversee small workgroups or may perform hands-on functions Direct daily work, work schedules, quality, and productivity. May work in teams depending on how large the orginazation is.
Middle ManagementMore like directors oversee a broader scope. Maybe oversee a couple areas at a time. (A little higher lever, not doing the actual work.
Middle ManagementResponsible for developing, implementing, and revising policies and procedures. Executes organizational plans developed at board and executive levels. Provides operational information needed for planning
What are the two entities at the highest level of managementExecutive Management and Governance
What is the Primary responsibility of the Executive Management and Governance?Setting the orgianzations future and establishing it’s strategic plan
What is the role of executive managers?Set future direction/strategic plan. Oversee departments. Work with community leaders. Lead quality and compliance
What is the role of the governing board?Ultimately responsible for organization. Final say so in setting the organization’s strategic direction, mission and vision, and general philosophy and ethical base.
Who us the governing board made up of?Board made up of Chairperson, 10 to 20 board members (May be known as Board of directors or board of trustees).

Section 2

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What are the roles of teams and committees?Used to address problems that cross traditional boundary lines.
What is a standing committee?Put in place to oversee ongoing and cross-functional issues. (always there – broader in charge)
What is an ad hoc committee?Teams are created to address a more specific issue and generally disband when their work is completed.
My job requires me to code as well as perform supervisory functions. What type of manager am I?Supervisory
The staff workgroup that I am on has a multidisiplinary make-up. The purpose of the workgroup is ongoing. What is this workgroup known as?Standing Committee
What orgainzational tool is used to state the parameters that employees should use when making decisions?Policy
What tool might be used to analyze the best method to complete a process?Procedure.
Continuous performance and total quality management are examples of ?Industrial management theories.
An objective way to look at work-related ideas and processes?Systems thinking
Ultimate responsibilty for an organization's operation lies with who?Board of directors
Define team leadership.The art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations. Leaders inspire and motivate others to choose to follow them instead of using their positions to force compliance.
Effective management of human resources includes team leadership doing what?Selecting the right team members, ensuring ongoing performance, and developing people for the future.
What is a critical factor in the success of any team. Crucial to any project.Team leadership

Section 3

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What are the 3 key functions that a person accepts when they say I will be a leader?Authority - Responsibility - Accountability
In relationship to leadership principles what is the key function known as authority?Gives the leader the right to make decisions.
In relationship to leadership principles what is the key function known as responsibility?The duty that the leader accepts in making sure that the goal of the team is accomplished. (Buck stops with that person)
In relationship to leadership principles what is the key function known as accountability?Refers to the concept that the leader must acknowledge failure as well as the success of the team efforts. (Leader needs to make sure everyone is working toward the goals).
Give 4 examples of how a successful team facilitator provides leadership.Creating purpose and framework for project prior to first meeting. - Encourage team to fully discuss opportunities and potential pitfalls. - Encouraging all members to participate and reach consensus on purpose. - Establishing specific goals and measurable objectives.
What are the 4 steps that occur to make a team functional?Forming - Storming - Norming - Performing
In relationship to making a team functional, what is forming?Selecting the team members to sit on the team or committee. (Some perceived value the team member will carry the group is looking for).
In relationship to making a team functional, what is storming?When team members try to assert themselves and assess their roles within the group. (Figuring out who’s role is what and how you are going to proceed).
In relationship to making a team functional, what is norming?OnWhat role is the team member going to have in the group. (i.e., notetaker, leader, etc.)
In relationship to making a team functional, what is performing?How productive are you, can you reach the goals you set, how long is it taking you, are you successful.
What is the biggest advantage of a team over an individual?The ability to bring a variety of perspectives and expertise to the issue. (This would be considered stroming)

Section 4

Question Answer
What is a team norm?the rules that govern behavior and define what is acceptable and not acceptable for the group.
Getting to meetings on time, being prepared with readings or assignments when due, and not criticizing other employee's ideas or comments are considered what?Team Norms
What is recruitment?The process of finding, soliciting, and attracting employees.
What is retention?The ability to keep valuable employees from seeking employment elsewhere.
What is staff recruitment?Actively searching for employees.
What is the norm now for staff recruitment?To advertise on-line with a software system. The healthcare systems have gone to a software system to search for staff.
What are the four basic purposes of employment interviews.1. Obtain information from application about past work history and future goals (Some type of baseline information about the applicants past work history and future goals) 2. Give information to the applicant about the organization’s mission and goals and nature of employment opportunity (Let the applicant know the orginizations mission and goals and a little about the employment opportunities. 3. Evaluate work experience, attitudes, and personality traits as potential fit. (i.e. sale position would not want the person to be very quiet or not be able to speak). 4. Evaluate organization as potential fit for employment goals (Give the applicant an opportunity to ask)
Once selected for the position complete orientation/ training for new employee orientation has 2 types?General orientation and Department orientation.
What types of information is addressed in general orientation?Mission and vision, goals, and structure, general employment policies; employee conduct; communication, safety training.
Regarding general orientation what is of particular interest to HIM professionals?Training on privacy, confidentiality, and how to report privacy violations.
What types of information is addressed in departmental orientation?Rules to follow - Mission and vision - Goals - Structure - Communication policies - Procedure for requesting time off - Person to notify in case of absence - Tour - Introductions - Confidentiality policies - Evaluation process - Schedules
After the new employee has been oriented to the organizaion and the department, what should take place next?Specific training on job and position description