Chapter 18 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
体重tizhong - (body) weight
增加zengjia - to increase, to raise
该。。。 了gai...le - should, must
减肥jian fei - to lose weight
hui - be likely to, be sure to
影响yingxiang - to influence, to impact
健康jiankang - good health
保持baochi - to keep, to maintain
身材shencai - stature, figure
kao - to depend/rely on
节食jieshi - to go on a diet
lan - lazy, slothful
lao - old, long standing
毛病maobing - shortcoming, weakness
从。。。 起cong... qi - from... on

Section 2

Question Answer
效果xiaoguo - effect, result
越来越yue lai yue - more and more
苗条miaotiao - slender, slim
gan - dare, to have courage to
意思yisi - meaning, idea
pa - to fear, to dread
困难kunnan - difficult
室内shinei - indoor
羽毛球yumaoqiu - badminton
什么的shenmede - and so on, etc.
必须bixu - must, have to
坚持jianchi - to persist in
明白mingbai - to understand, to realize, to know

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