Chapter 17

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Section 1

Question Answer
Dura MaterIs the outer most meningeal layer
Arachnoid MaterIs the middle meningeal layer
Pia MaterPhysically touches the brain
Conua medullarisinferior tapered end of the spinal cord
Cauda equineThe roots of inferior nerves
Filum terminaleis a pia mater extension, attached the spinal cord to the coccyx
cervical enlargementC4 to T1 slight thickening of the vertebrae
Lumbar enlargementT9 to T12 slight thickening of the vertrbrae

Section 2

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Gray matter is composed of?Cell bodies
White matter if composed of?Axons
Why is a spinal cord called a mixed nerve?It carries both sensory and motor information to and from the brain.
Which region of the spinal cord are the lateral horns present?Thoracic, upper limb, and sacral segments
What do the motor neurons found in the lateral horns of the thoracic region regulate?maintaining posture
EpineuriumCover the entire nerve
PerineuriumCovers the fascicle
EndoneuriumSurrounds each axon

Section 3

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The dorsal root carries what information?Sensory
The ventral root carries what information?Motor
Where do sensory tracts deliver information?To the brain
Where do motor tracts deliver information?Away from the brain
What type of tissue are motor and sensory tracts made of?Bundles of axons (White matter)
Spinal nerves are split into what?Rami and Branches
What is a plexusA network of axons

Section 4

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Meningeal branchreenter spinal canal and innervations structures within spinal cord
Anterior (ventral) ramusmuscles of the skin and ventral trunk
Posterior (dorsal) ramusDeep muscles and skin of dorsal portion of the trunk
Cervical plexusAnterior rami of C1 to C5. Prenic nerve that supplies the diaphragm
Brachial plexusAnterior rami of C5 to C8 and T1. Supplies shoulder and upper limbs
Lumbar plexusAnterior rami of L1 to L4. supplies anterolateral abdominal wall. external genitals, lower parts of limbs
Femoral nerve supplies thigh extensors and flexors. What plexus is it in?Lumbar plexus
Obturator nerve supplies leg adductors. What plexus is it in?Lumbar plexus.
Sacral plexusAnterior rami L4 to L5 and S1 and S4.Supplies buttocks perineum and lower limbs
Sciatic nerve is in what plexus?The sacral plexus
The pudendal nerve is in what plexus?The sacral plexus and is the main perineum nerve

Section 5

Question Answer
Axillary nerveinnervates deltoid and teres minor
Musculocutaneous nerveinnervates anterior muscles of the arm
Radial nerveinnervates posterior arm and forearm
Median nerveinnervates anterior muscles of the forearm, some hand muscles
Ulnar nerveinnervates anteromedial mucles of the forearm, most hand muscles little finger
Define dermatomearea of skin that provides sensory input via one pair of nerves
How are dermatomes usedTo localize pain or the problem via the nerves being affected
Direct pathwaynerve implused orginate in cerbral cortex and produce voluntary movements
indirect pathwayorginate in brain stem and giverns autonomic movements, muscle tone, equilibrium in response to head movements
name the direct pathways discussed in classlateral corticospinal, anterior corticospinal, and corticobulbar pathways

Section 6

Question Answer
Brachial plexus rootsanterior rami of spinal cord
Brachial plexus superior trunksrami of C5 and C6
Brachial plexus middle trunksrami of C7
Brachial plexus inferior trunksrami and C8 and T1
Brachial plexus divisonsunite to form cords
5 main nerves of brachial plexusaxillary, musculocutaneous, radial, medial, ulnar
Cords of brachial plexuslateral, posterior and medial