Chapter 17 Vocab

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Section 1

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adaptive radiationrapid evolution of several species from a common ancestor into new ecological or geographical zones
allopatric speciationorigin of new species between populations that are separated geographically
alloploidypolyploid organism that contains the genomes of two or more different species
autoploidypolyploid organism with chromosome sets from the same species
biological species conceptthe concept that defines species as groups of populations that have the potential to interbreed and that are reproductively isolated from other groups
evolutionary species conceptever species has its own evolutionary history, which is partly documented in the fossil record
macroevolutionlarge-scale evolutionary change, such as the formation of new species

Section 2

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polyploidyhaving a chromosome number that is a multiple greater than twice that of the monoploid number
postzygotic isolating mechanismanatomical or physiological difference between two species that prevents successful reproduction after mating has taken place
prezyygotic isolating mechanismanatomical or behavioral difference between two species that prevents the possibility of mating
speciationorigin of new species due to the evolutionary process of descent with modification
sympatric speciationorigin of new species in populations that overlap geographically