Chapter 17 Review

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Question Answer
DNA consists of a _________ -phosphate backbone that make the handrails of the ladder structure.sugar
Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine are all ___________ bases. These make up the genetic code.Nitrogen
A sugar (deoxyribose), a phosphate and a nitrogen base make a ___________ which is a subunit of DNA Nucleotide
DNA is different from RNA because RNA is ___________ stranded, has the sugar ___________ and has the nitrogen base ____________ instead of thymine.single, ribose, uracil
Every strand of DNA is composed of a new strand and an old strand, this is why DNA replication is said to be a _____________________ process.semi-conservative
DNA replication is made up of 4 steps. ________, _________, _________, & __________. Initiation, Enlongation, Termination, proofreading and correction.
Protein Synthesis consists of two steps; transcription and ____________.translation.
____________ are problems with DNA that may cause the production of altered or useless proteins.mutations
Mutations that happen at a specific part base in a sequence of DNA are called ___________ mutations. point
Every 3 bases of mRNA is called a ________ and each of these codes for an amino acid.codon
A chain of amino acid makes a _______.protein
A mutation that does not make a difference to the protein is called a ________ mutation. silent
A mutation that causes a change in the amino acid is called a _________ mutation. missense
A mutation that causes a premature stop codon is called ____________. nonsense
An insertion of deletion causes a ______________ mutation which causes the production of non-functional proteins.frameshift

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