Chapter 17 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
以为yiwei - to think, to believe, to consider
医生yisheng - doctor
抽烟chou yan - to smoke (a cigarette)
(香)烟(xiang) yan - cigarette
好处haochu - benefit, advantage, profit
运动会yundonghui - sports meeting, games
报名bao ming - to sign up, to register
dang - to act as
啦啦队laladui - cheering squad
dui - team, group, squa
队员duiyuan - team member
可惜kexi - what a pity, its too bad
网球wangqiu - tennis
还可以hai keyi - not bad, pretty well
chang - [a measure word for game]

Section 2

Question Answer
bi - (of a score) to
shu - to lose, to be defeated
ying - to win
bang - good, fine, excellent
不如buru - not equal to, not as good as, inferior
恐怕kongpa - perhaps, maybe, I'm afraid
对手duishou - opponent
经常jingchang - frequently, often
de - to get, to obtain, to gain
冠军guanjun - champion
佩服peifu - to admire
不但。。。 而且。。。budan... erqie... - not only... but also...
肯定kending - definitely, undoubtedly

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