Chapter 17 FON

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CAMComplementary or Alternative Medicine
Complementary therapiestreatments that are used in addition to conventional health care regimens recommended by a person's health care provider
Alternative therapiesoften the same interventions as complementary therapies but frequently become the primary treatment modality that replaces allopathic medicine
allopathic medicinetradition or conventional Western medicine
American Holistic Nurses AssociationMaintains the standards of holistic nursing practice and describe the level of care expected from a holistic use.
The Office of Alternative Medicine (now the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine)Goal of this office to facilitate the evaluation of alternative medical treatment, specifically acting as a clearinghouse to distribute information to the public, the media, and professionals and supporting, coordinating, and conducting research and research training in the area of alternative medicine
The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act passed in 1994Allows herbs to be sold dietary supplements as long as no health claims are written on their labels.
Goal of herbal therapyto restore balance within the individual by facilitating the person's self-healing capacity.
Drug TherapyAimed at the treatment of a specific diseases of symptoms
How much do Americans spend on herbal supplements and other alternative medicines as they do on prescriptionAccording to NCAAM/CDC states that Americans spend almost a third as much money out of pocket
Avoid using herbs and spices for at least _________ weeks before any surgery2 weeks
Asian GinsengImprove overall health, helps with atherosclerosis, bleeding disorders, colitis, diabetes and depressant cancer. Can prolong clotting.
Contraindications to chiropractic therapyacute myelopathy, fractures, dislocations, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis.
QiLife Force
MeridiansChannels of energy
Acupuncturemethod of stimulating certain point (acupoints) on the body by the insertion of special needles to modify the perception of pain, normalize physiologic functions, or treat or prevent disease
Acupressuregentle pressure at similar points on the body. Used for prevent and relief of symptoms of muscle tension.
Therapeutic massagemassage performed by trained professionals to manipulate the soft tissues of the body and assist with healing
Aromatherapy the use of pure essential oils, produced from plants, to provide health benefits.
Reflexology possible to exert an effect on the entire body by applying pressure to specific areas on the feet, hands, and ears with the thumbs.5tgb
Reflexology benefits 1) relax body and removes stress 2) enhances circulation 3) Assists the body in normalizing metabolism naturally 4) Complements all other healing modalities
Physiologic responses resulting from magnetic field exposures 1) vasodilation 2) analgesic action 3) anti-inflammatory action 4) spasmolytic (arresting spasms) activity 5) acceleration of healing 6) anti edema activity
Imageryvisualization techniques, the conscious mind is used to create mental images to evoke physical changes in the body, create a sense of improved wellbeing, and enhance self-awareness
Relaxationstate of a generalized decrease in cognitive, physiologic, or behavioral arousal.
focusingability to identify, differentiate, maintain attention on, and return attention to simple stimuli for an extended period
passivitythe ability to stop unnecessary goal-directed and analytic activity
receptivity the ability to tolerate and accept experiences that are sometimes uncertain, unfamiliar, or paradoxic.
AATAnimal-Assisted therapy
Taiji (T'ai Chi)yin and yang
Biofeedbacknoninvasive method that an individual can employ to learn control of the body to manage certain conditions. Be careful if pt has repressed emotions or feelings that may surface during sessions.