Chapter 17 biology vertebrates

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Section 1

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notocord not a nerve ending, tought flexible tissue a supporting rod
subphylum of chordata vertebrata urochordata and cephlachordata
ectothermic cold blooded
endothermic warm blooded
2 major parts of a vertebrate axial and appendicular
major components arteries, heart, blood vessels capallaries and veins
oviparous egg bearing hatch outside of mom
viviparous live bearing nourished by connection of the mother
ovoviviparousegg live bearing not been nourished by connection to mother
lampreys jawlish fish

Section 2

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apoda no foot
example of apoda caecilians
caudata tail
example of caudata salamanders
anura no tail
example of anura frogs
6 fins of the shark pectoral, first and second dorsal, caudal, anal, and pelvic fin
first order of reptiles snakes lizzards
second order of reptiles turtles tortoises
third order of reptiles crocodiles alligators
fourth order of reptiles tuartara
name the five poisonous snakes in our area eastern coral snake, cottonmouth, copperhead, timber rattler, diamondback rattler