Chapter 16

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Section 1

Question Answer
3 functions of the nervous systemsensory changes, integrative function(analyze info and make decisons), motor function (respond to stumli by taking action)
Where are purkinje cells foundcerebellum
where are pyramidal cells foundcerebral cortex
multipolar neuronshave several dendrites and one axon
bipolar neuronsone main dendrite and one axon
unipolar neuronscentral process and peripheral process

Section 2

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sensory afferent neuronscarry info away from stimulus
interneuron carry info to neuron to neuron in cns
motor efferent neuronscarry into to effector

Section 3

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Protoplasmic astrocytegray matter. have long unbranched processes
fibrous astrocytewhite matter. have long unbranched processes
microgliaimmune cells
ependymal cellsproduce and circulate cerebrospinal fluid
oligodendrocytesform myelin sheath in cns
schwann cellsform myelin sheath in pns
satallite cellsfound in pns. regulate exchange materials

Section 4

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Grey matter is composed of cells bodies and unmyelinated axons, neuroglia dendrites
white matter is composed of myelinated axons
define nucleuscluster of neural cell bodies within cns
define tractbundles of axons in the cns that extend up or down. that connect the brain the spinal cord
what are nodes of ranviera gap in myelin sheath. nerve impluses are formed more quickly and lead form node to node