Chapter 16 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
zhe - an auxiliary verb used after a verb to indicate to continuation of an action/state
tui - leg
dong - to move, to stir, to touch
tang - to lie, to recline, to lie down
如果ruguo - if, in case, the the event that
sheng - [a measure word used for sound]
ti - to act on behalf of
行李xingli - luggage
zhang - to grow, to develop
合影heying - joint photo, group photo
zhan - to stand
dai - to put on, to wear sth.
眼镜yanjing - spectacles, eyeglasses
头发toufa - hair
眼睛yanjing - eye

Section 2

Question Answer
tui - to push
行李车xingliche - luggage cart
zheng - to be doing sth.
出口chukou - exit
T恤t-xu - t-shirt
shen - body
帽子maozi - hat, cap
ju - to lift, to raise, to hold up
zhi - paper
wa - [sound of vomitting or crying]
箱子xiangzi - box, case, trunk
zhuang - to load, to hold, to pack
差点儿chadianr - almost, nearly
超重chaozhong - to overweigh

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