Chapter 15 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
签证qianzheng - visa, passport with a visa appended
大使馆dashiguan - embassy
ban - to do, to handle
ba - (preposition) used when the object is the receiver of the action of the ensuing verb
shuai - to fall, to tumble, to lose one's balance
shang - to injure, to hurt, to wound
住院zhu yuan - to be in hospital, to be hospitalized
京剧jingju - beijing opera
表演biaoyan - to perform an opera, dance, acrobatics, etc.
di - to hand over, to pass
钥匙yaoshi - key
车棚chepeng - shed for parking bicycles
ting - to park
花园huayuan - garden
suo - lock, padlock

Section 2

Question Answer
护士hushi - nurse
病房bingfang - hospital ward, sickroom
cheng - to become, to turn into
不要紧bu yaojin - it's not serious, it doesn't matter
要紧yaojin - important, essential, critical, serious
cha - to stick in, to insert
花瓶huaping - vase
dang - to be treated as, to be regarded as
医学院yixueyuan - medical school
实习shixi - to practice, to do fieldwork
照顾zhaogu - to look after, to take care of
gai - ought to, should
普通putong - common, general, ordinary
病人bingren - patient, sick person

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