Chapter 14 - Online Promotional Mix

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Section 1

Question Answer
What are the 5 key promotional tools?1.Sales promotion 2.Direct Marketing 3.Advertising 4.Personal Selling 5.Public Relations
What is a key component of [personal selling]?it is B2B (business to business)
Which of the 5 promotional tools is the biggest?Public Relations
What are some [advantages] of PR (public relations) ?credibility, cost, avoiding clutter, image building, selectivity, etc
What is Public Relations?How the company gets information out
What are some PR(public relations) tools?Press conference, White paper, Trade show

Section 2

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Sales Promotion?used when you need to get sales UP within 30-60 days
what are the 2 components of Sales Promotion ?consumer oriented [vs] trade- oriented
What is [trade-oriented] ?when they offer [RETAILERS], etc a DISCOUNT
What is [consumer-oriented]?to get the consumer to buy more (examples: coupons, loyalty reward cards, free giveaways, etc)
What is the Strategy in [Sales Promotion] ?[stimulate trial], [stimulate sales], [both B2B & B2C]
What are some [Disadvantages of Sales Promotion]?DISCOUNTING is about the WORST thing you can do to get sales up (because everyone expects it)

Section 3

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Give examples of Direct MarketingTelemarketing, Direct Mail, Email
What do people associate [Direct Marketing] with?Spam! (all the "bad stuff"
What is the most effective form of [Direct Marketing] ?Email, it is also the cheapest
What is a possible downside to [Direct Mail]?It can be very expensive, especially if you use color
Even though people think of Direct Marketing as Spam...IT STILL WORKS, why?because it is going [Directly to your target!]

Section 4

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What are some aspects of [Advertising] ?-Advertising is NOT personal & it includes [Sponsors!]
Define [Advertising] ?any paid form of [non-personal] presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an [identified sponsor] in a medium
What are some mediums?TV, radio, magazine & newspapers, etc (also TRANSIT advertising)
What is the hardest question of all, relating to Advertisin?hrdest question is: "What goods are advertised?"
Almost any good....?that can be advertised is/will be advertised
Which [people] get advertised?politicians, doctors, lawyers, etc

Section 5

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What are companies trying to do with [promotion]?trying to help people make a decision; the decision to buy a product or service
What are the steps of the [decision making] process?1.Awreness of needs (recognition) 2.Search 3.Evaluation of alternatives 4.Purchase (this is where sales promotions come in) 5. Post-purchase behavior (ie: follow up email "thank you for purchasing from us")

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