Chapter 14 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
qiao - to knock, to rap, to beat, to strike
sheng - sound, voice
屋(子)wu(zi) - house, room
荔枝lizhi - litchi/lychee
芒果mangguo - mango
感谢ganxie - to thank, to be grateful
fang - to put, to place
做客zuo ke - to be a guest
ping - bottle, vase, jar (measure word for bottles, etc.)
葡萄酒putaojiu - grape wine
出主意chu zhuyi - to offer advice, to make a suggestion
shu - bundle, bunch
鲜花xianhua - flower
表示biaoshi - to show, to express (one's attitude)
心意xinyi - regard, kindly feelings

Section 2

Question Answer
阿姨ayi - [term of address for any women of one's mother's generation]
招待zhaodai - to recieve (guests), to entertain, etc.
chao - pan-fry, stir-fry
厉害lihai - terrible, formidable
久等jiu deng - wait for a long time
体育tiyu - sports
频道pindao - (of radio or television) channel
一边。。。一边。。。yibian... yibian... - at the same time
ai - to be fond of, to like
手艺shouyi - craft
xiang - delicious, scented, savory, appetizing
quan - wholly, entirely, completely
拿手nashou - adept, expert, skilful
dao - to pour, to tip, to dump
bei - cup, glass

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