Chapter 14 Neuromuscular System and Exercise

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What are proprioceptors sensitive to?Stretch, Tension, and Pressure
Proprioceptors serve to provide important sensory feed for -------- and the regulation of movements during exercisePostural Control
What are muscle spindles for?Primarily respond to any form of stretch on the muscle, initiate a STRONGER muscle action to reduce stretch
Give an example of a stretch reflexKnee-Jerk Reflex
What are the main components of the stretch reflex?1.) Muscle spindle that responds to stretch 2.) an afferent neuron that carries the sensory impule from the spindle to the spinal cord 3.) an efferent spinal cord motor neuron that activates the stretched muscle fibers
What are golgi tendon organs?detect changes in tension, evoke a reflex INHIBITION, serve as protective sensory mechanism
How do you define fatigue?Basically defined as a reduction in muscle force capacity
What are the two types of muscle soreness we talked about in class?1.) Acute muscle soreness 2.) Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
When does Acute muscle soreness/stiffness occur?During or immediately after exercise and is relatively short lived
What is a possible reason for acute muscle soreness?Ischemia (lack of blood flow) prevents the removal of metabolic waste products which stimulates pain receptors
When does DOMS usually occur?24-48 hours after exercise

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