Chapter 14 NCLEX1

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Question Answer
Classes of fire extinguisherA) Wood, rubbish B) Chemical Fires C) Electrical fires
PASSUse of fire extinguisher Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep
RACEsetting priorities during fire... [R]escue [A]ctivate fire alarm [C]onfine fire [E]xtinguish fire
Before touching a client who has received a electrical shock, what should you do? Turn off electricity
Before electrical equipment is brought into a health care facility you should _______Electrical equipment needs to be inspected for safety before use
Radiation safety 30 mins per provider per shift, visitors 30 mins and 6 feet away, monitor radiation exposure with a film(dosimeter) badge
SRD needs to be inspected every SRD inspected every 30 mins and removed every 2 hours
National Pt Safety Goals improve accuracy of pt identification, effectiveness of communication, safety using meds, reduce nosomical infections, identify safety risk inherent in its patient population
Before providing any interventions to a poison person you should firstcall poison control center
Bleach to water ration 10:1
Airborne precautions for disease likemeasles, chicken pox(varicella), disseminated varicella zoster, and TB
Barrier protection for airborne precautionsNegative pressure room, minimum of 6 to 12 air exchanges per hour, use of ultraviolet germicide irradiation or a high-efficiency particulate air filter in the room, use of a mask or a person respiratory protection device, place a mask on the client when the client needs to leave the room.
Droplet precaution for diseases like adenovirus, diphtheria(pharyngeal), epiglottitis, influenza, meningitis, mumps, mycoplasma pneumonia or meningococcal pneumonia, parvovirus B19, pertussis, rubella, scarlet fever, sepsis, streptococcal pharyngitis
internal disaster vs external disasterexternal disasters occur in the community, and victims will be brought to the health care facility for care and a internal disasters are those in which the agency is in danger
In the event of a disasterthe emergency response plan is immediately activated