Chapter 14 Cert Quiz

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Section 1

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The abbreviation for the manual first published by the AMA containing the codes for procedures and services performed by doctors and medical personnel is CPT
The coding term used for the level of care that involved multiple systems or complex involvement of one organ system iscomprehensive
When a health professional has a discussion with a patient and his or her family concerning diagnosis, recommendations, risks, benefits, prognosis and options, the specific coding component used is under the heading counseling
A pediatric patient comes into the office for otitis media. The physician also administers a routine childhood vaccination. What ICD9 diagnostic codes would be used in this situation382.9 and V03.81
When a claim is deliberately coded incorrectly to increase the payment, it is referred to asupcoding
ICD9CM codes that identify health care encounters for reasons other than illness or injury are know asV codes
The coding system published by the Department of health and human services used to categorize diseases and injuries is the International classification of diseases
CMS developed codes for use when specific services, materials, drugs and procedures are not listed in the CPT code book. These are known as HCPCS
The largest of 6 major sections of the CPT manual, which contains codes from 10021-69990 issurgery
When a physician requests the services of another physician whose opinion or advice assists in the evaluation or treatment of a patients illness or suspected problem the component section used is titled consultation
Of the following which is not one of the purposes of diagnostic coding to provide increased revenue for the physician or medical practice
When a patient has received an external injury, which type of code is used to explain the mechanism of the injury using the ICD9E code
Which CPT code identifies and sigmoidoscopy 45330
The CPT code used for a cholecystectomy along with the modifier indicating that the physician provided only preoperative care is which of the following 47600-56
The components used to determine the level of E&M code applicable include the following except thenumber of procedures ordered for the patient
The health care finance administration is now named Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
The patients statement describing symptoms and conditions that are the reason for seeking health care services is the chief complaint
When a patient has a condition that coexists with his or her primary condition and complicates the treatment and management of the primary condition, it is referred to as comorbidity

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Etiology is a term meaning cause of the disease
The coding abbreviation NOS means not otherwise specified
When coding, the term describing a cancer that has not invaded neighboring tissues is in situ
The coding abbreviation NEC is used if information is unavailable for more specific coding
The reference manual used to code a cholecystectomy is CPT
If a patients current injury is a fracture of the left ankle but he or she then experiences a malunion of this fracture, this is referred to as late effect
A claim that is submitted to the carrier without deficiencies or errors is called a clean claim
A physician charging an unreasonable amount for a procedure is most likely an example of abuse
Phantom billing is an example of fraud
All ICD10CM codes containthree to seven alphanumeric digits
The final appeal for a denied CMS claim is determined by the Federal Court Review
The ICD10 is scheduled for full implementation in the US on October 1st, 2015
An RA explains the amount the insurance company paid and why, RA refers toremittance advice
Under the ICD9, a code for diagnosis regarding a well baby visit might be V20.2
The V code using the ICD9 system refers to as visit for other sickness or injury. Under the ICD10 system, the same code refers to an external cause of morbidity. During the cross over period of the two systems it is also important toinspect the date of service for the claim
Under the ICD10, a code for a diagnosis regarding a well baby visit might be Z00.129
After October 1st 2015, The CPT codes for medical offices willremain the same