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Chapter 13

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Question Answer
deified officially declared to be a god, and worshipped
Pax Romana the 'Roman Peace' // a long period of peace and prosperity
concretea building material made by mixing small stones and sand with limestone, clay, and water.
aqueducta channel that moves water over land
Greco-Roman culture that includes Greek and Roman elements
mosaica design formed with small tiles of glass, stone, or pottery
Romance languages languages that developed from Latin
oratorythe art of giving speeches
satiresworks of literature that make fun of their subject
gladiators men who fought one another as part of public entertainment
resurrectiongood people could be resurrected after death
baptismritual cleansing
conversiona heartfelt change in one's opinions or beliefs
martyrspeople who die for their beliefs
New Testament new body of work// old testament
Gospelsfour first book of the New Testament
parables stories with a moral
epistles formal letters
Trinityincludes God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit
ethics issues of right and wrong and how to treat people
denominationsreligious groups