Chapter 13 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
The star at the center of our solar systemsun
Spins on its axisrotates
An imaginary line that passes through the North and South Polesaxis
Travels in a path around the sunrevolves
An imaginary line going all the way around Earth halfway between the North and South Polesequator
Any natural body that revolves around a planetmoon
A low, bowl-shaped area on the surface of a planet or mooncrater
One of the shapes the moon seems to have as it orbits Earthmoon phase
Occurs when one body in space blocks light from reaching another body in spaceeclipse
A huge ball of very hot gasses in spacestar
Made up of star and all the planets and other objects that revolve around that starsolar system
Gas, dust, and a group of stars, including any objects orbiting that starsgalaxy
Everything that exists-all the stars, the planets, dust, gases, and energyuniverse

Section 2