Chapter 13- The Roman Empire and christianity

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Section 1

Question Answer
defiedoficially declared to be a god, and worshiped
pax romanathe roman peace
concretebuilding material made by mixing small stones and sand with limestone, clay, and water
aqueductchannel that move swater over land
greco romanculture that included greek and roman elments

Section 2

Question Answer
mosaicdesighn formed with small tiles f glass, stone, or pottery
romance languageslanguages that develpoed from latin
oratoryart of giving speeches
statiresworks of literature that make fun of their subject
gladiatorsmen who fought one another as apart of public entertainment

Section 3

Question Answer
ressurectioncoming back to life
baptismchristianity adoped this ritiual
crucifixionslow painful method of roman execution
conversionheartfelt change in one's opinions or beliefs
martyrspeople who die for their beliefs

Section 4

Question Answer
new testament2nd half of the bible
gospelfirst four books of the new testament
parablesstories with a moral
epistlesformal letters
trinityfather, son, and holy spirit
ethicsissues of righ tnad wrong and how to treat people

Section 5

Question Answer
inflationgeneral rise in the cost of goods
barbarianwhat the romans called germans
mercenariessoldiers who fight to pay rather than for their country
orthodoxytraditional or established beliefs