Chapter 13 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
花儿huar - flower
蛋糕dangao - cake
ka - card
打扰darao - to disturb, to trouble
guo - to celebrate (birthday, holiday, etc.)
随便suibian - casual, informal
热闹renao - lively, buzzing with excitement
水果shuiguo - fruit
饮料yinliao - beverage, drink
na - to hold, to take
wang - to forget
收拾shoushi - to put in order, to tidy

Section 2

Question Answer
yi - (indicating surprise) well, why
zhi - to treat, to cure
出院chu yuan - to leave/be discharged from hospital
kai - to hold a (meeting)
晚会wanhui - evening party
qiao - accidentally, luckily, opportunely, coincidentally
刚才gangcai - just now
pian - [measure word for articles, paper, etc]
日语Riyu - Japanese
文章wenzhang - article, writing
翻译fanyi - to translate, to interpret
yue - to make an appointment, arrange
qu - to withdraw
马上mashang - at once, immediately

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