Chapter 13 Communication

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What are the different types of communicationverbal, nonverbal, written , unwritten, planned and un planned
Why is overcoming communication barriers important now daysin todays society many languages are spoken and the populations multicultural, different context and phrases have multiple meaning to different individuals
What are some of the reasons technology can enhance communication for nursesIt can enhance communication with clients and others, improve access to care for people in remote areas and increase personal knowledge using Internet
Define communicationgiving or exchanging of information through verbal or written means between 2 or more people
Give an example of how information can be given through gesturesAmerican Sign Language
The communication process involves what componantssender, message, channel, receiver and response (feedback)
Give examples of some of the many factors that influence the communication processdevelopmental stage, gender, roles and relationship, sociocultural characteristic, values and perceptions, space, environment, congruence and interpersonal attitudes
Give samples of verbal communicationwritten and spoken
Given samples of non verbal communicationsfacial expression, gestures, touch or other types of body language
List some of the uses for nursing documentationauditing for quality assurance, research , education, reimbursement, legal documentation and healthcare analysis
Give sample of how communication may no be a process between 2 or more peoplewhen one reflect with self about knowledge, ideas and feelings
Why is communication considered an ongoing processthe role of sender and receiver interchange as each transmits new information and understanding of each other
Whom is the source encodersender
Why would level of education hender communicationthe extent of vocabulary and ability to read and write may block effective communication
__________ is the study of space relation ship between people in social interactionProxemics
What are the four distances in which interaction take placeIntimate, Personal, Social, Public
The use of _______ is considered non-verbal communicationpictures
The majority of communication that occurs during face to face interaction isnon-verbal
What is the draw back of written communicationdecoder may not have access to writer so clarification may be difficult


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The _________ defines the original messagesender
The person who transmit the messagesender
___________ interpet the message and provide feedbackreceiver
The codemessage
The_____ is the method selected to convey the messagechannel
Another name for the person who received the messagedecoder
The receiver _______ is the feedbackresponse
Give sample of non verbal feedbacknodding of head, facial expression of confusion, and yawning
When communication is _____ nonverbal and verbal behaviors matchcongruence
__________ sounds are the sounds that accompany verbal language and add to the message given by the spoken word (rate, volume, hesitation and tone) Paralanguage
Non-verbal communication is also referred to as body language
Define, the purposeful use of dialogue to bring about the client's insight, control of symptoms and healing , it builds a trusting relationship between client and healthcare workerTherapeutic Communication
What main reason makes therapeutic communication different from social communicationThere is always a specific purpose or direction to the communication, it is planned
___________ is the most important aspect of communicationListening
People use language to _________ and _______include and exclude
When speaking take into account pace and ___________(tone)installation
Understanding what is said or readHeath Literacy
Speech that is consistent, short and focusedBrevity


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A way in which the word is generally used by people who share a common language Denotative
the meaning of a word that derived from ones personal experienceConnotative
word the is held by the individual Private
Art the mutual understanding of the words between people who are trying to communicate effectivelyShared

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