Chapter 13 ADJ 107

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Question Answer
treasonan act of disloyalty to one's nation or state; considered a serious offense in the US
treason and courtsdifficult to prove because prosecution needs to show overt actions
number of treason prosecutions in the entire history of the USless than 40
espionagespying; the practice of obtaining information about a government, organization, or society, which is considered confidential and without the permission of the information holder
Robert Hanssencounterintelligence agent for the FBI who was convicted of espionage
terrorismthe unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, civil populous for political or social objectives
terrorism is a abstract concept with many definitions
lone wolf terrorismmore extreme than other terrorists, psychologically different, operate on own terms and target who they desire, usually perceive injustices
amount of US terrorist attacks by lone wolf terrorists is ___ percentabout 42
Ted Kaczynskithe UnaBomber, lone wolf terrorist; hated technology and the industrial revolution
Timothy McVeighbombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City ; believed the government was trying to oppress and establish new laws; sentenced to death by lethal injection
terrorist motivationsrationally, psychologically, and culturally motivated
psychologically motivated terroristsdriven by a reflective sense of failure and inadequacy
dehumanization and terroristsuse of hatred by terrorist groups helps with this; permits the justification of mass murder and the killing of women and children
dehumanizationthe view of others as collateral damage or property, not innocent bystanders
HezbollahIslamic; want to establish an Islamic state in Lebanon and destruction of Israel
Iran and HezbollahIran as probably been giving $60-100 million per year in finances to it
HamasPalestinian Sunni terrorist organization; wants total destruction of Israel and creation of Islamic state in Palestine; uses children as human shields and stores weapons in schools and mosques
hamas and suicide attackscarried out about 40% of suicide attacks
Al Quedacreated by Osama bin Laden; especially threatening because it is stateless and without a central location; carried out 9/11 attack;

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