Chapter 12

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Question Answer
environment deals with _________ land issues and concernssurface
Who is responsible for determining any restrictions on the surface use of the land?oil company who wants access to the lands
Who is responsible for understanding any concerns with sensitive areasoil company who wants access must define all conditions and restrictions and abide by them
If an oil and gas company has leased the mineral rights are the legally entitled to the surface lands with no restrictionsno
Does access to P&NG rights leased under Public Lands ever have restrictions?Yes, Public Lands are subject to the same restrictions as freehold (surface) lands
The EUB publication that covers all the regulations regarding construction and exploration is Directive 56
EFR and when is it registeredEnvironmental Field Report; Prior to the oil company’s entry onto the site
If an oil company has a spill the must notifyPrior to the oil company’s entry onto the site
If a spill has occurred the EUB is responsible forEUB, AENV, and the cleanup crew
If a spill has occurred AENV is responsible forInitial containment and cleanup
Define “Operator” for AENV purposesSoil cleanup and ongoing monitoring of the areas and water wells
Equivalent land capability meansperson, company, or group of companies who hold OR did hold a licence, approval, or permit from the EUB, or the holder of the surface lease
RC; What must an oil company do to obtain an RCReclamation Certificate; The site must be fully reclaimed, all equipment removed, the site recontoured and all topsoil returned, and the site capable of sustaining whatever operations it sustained prior to entry by the oil company
If the oil company cannot meet standards and obtain an RC what must they continue to paysurface lease rentals