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Chapter 12

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Section 1

Question Answer
forumopen area in a city filled with public buildings, temples, and markets
republicgov't where citizens have the right to vote and elect officials
legionbasic unit of the Roman army
manipleunit of between 60-160 soldiers

Section 2

Question Answer
constitutionsystem of rules by which a gov't is organized
vetostop or cancel the action of a gov't official or body; "I forbid"
magistrateelected officials who enforce the law
togagarment that adult men wore wrapped around their bodies
consultop officials in the Roman republic

Section 3

Question Answer
patriarchal societymen ruled their families
paterfamiliesoldest man in a Roman family
villalarge country homes
established religionofficial religion supported by the gov't

Section 4

Question Answer
empirestate containing several countries or territories
provinceareas within a country or empire
civil warwar between groups from the same country
Augustusmeans venerable or greatly honored one

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