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Chapter 12

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Question Answer
forumopen area in a roman city filled with public buildings ,temples markets
republicform of gov in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials
legionbasic unit of the roman army
manipleunit of 60 to 120 soldiers within a roman legion that could act independently in battle
constitutionsystem of basic rules
vetostop or cancel the action of a gov official
magistrategov officials who enforce the law
togagarment that adult men wore wrapped around their bodies
consulone of two officials and military leaders in the roman republic
patriarchal societysociety in which men rule their fam and people trace their origins through male ancestors
paterfamiliesoldest man in a roman family who had absolute power over his family
villalarge country home
established religionofficial religion supported by the gov
empirestate containing several countries or territories
provincetartitory that is under the control of a large country
civil warwar between groups from the same country
augustustitle used by the roman emperors