Chapter 12 - Rome

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Section 1

Question Answer
foruman open area in a city filled with public buildings, temples, and markets
republica government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials
legionthe basic unit of the Roman army
maniplea unit of between 60 and 160 soldiers

Section 2

Question Answer
constitutiona system of rules by which a government is organized
vetoto stop or cancel the action of a government official or body
magistratea branch of the government
togaa garment that adult men wore around their bodies
consulsthe top officials in the Roman republic

Section 3

Question Answer
patriarchal societymen rules their families
paterfamiliashead of the household
villalarge country homes
established religionan official religion supported by the government

Section 4

Question Answer
empirea state containing several countries or territories
province areas within a country or empire
civil warwar between groups from the same country
Augustusvenerable or greatly honored one