Chapter 12 and 13

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Question Answer
Forumopen area in a city filled with public buildings
Republica gov't in which citizens have the right to vote
Legionthe basic unit of an army
Manipleunit between 60 and 160 soldiers
constituionsystem of rules by which a gov't is organized
vetoto stop or cancel the action of a gov't official or body
magistrateelected officials who enforce the law
togaa garment that adult men wore wrapped around their bodies
consulthe top officials in the roman republic
patriarchal societymen ruled their families, and that people traced their origins through male ansetors
paterfamiliashead of the household
villalarge country homes
established religionan official religion supported by the gov't
empirea state containing several countries or territories
provinceareas within a country or empire
civil wara war between groups from the same country
augustusvenerable or greatly honored one
deifyofficially declared to be a god, and worshiped
pax romanaroman peace
concretebuilding material made by mixing small stones with sand with limestone, clay, and water
aqueducta channel that moves water over the land
mosaicdesign formed with a small tiles of glass
romance language latin
oratoryart of giving speeches
satireliterature that makes fun of their subject
gladiatormen who fought one another as part of a public entertainment
resurrectioncoming back to life
crucifictionslow and painful roman method of execution
conservationheartfelt change in ones opinion or beliefs
martyrpeople who die because of their beliefs
new testement
parablestories with a moral
epistleformal letter
ethicsissues of th