Chapter 12 ADJ 107

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annual costs of white-collar crime as high as $660 billion
identity theftcrime that involves stealing an individual's identity for fraudulent means
identity theft costover $24.7 billion in 2014
percent of medical claims that are fraudulentover 3%
cost of fraudulent medical claimsabout $50 billion dollars
amount of Russian organized criminal syndicates after fall of Soviet Unionabout 6000 different groups
mafiameans protection against the arrogance of the powerful, remedy to any damage, sturdiness of body, strength and serenity of spirit, and the best and most exquisite part of life
the commission and five mafia families in NY were established by Charles "Lucky" Luciano
the commission did whatarbitrated disputes between criminal syndicates to avoid mafia wars
mexican cartels established themsevlesafter the fall of the columbian cartels, as one of the most influential latino organized crime syndicates
Sinaloa cartelconsidered the most powerful drug trafficking org in the world by the US intelligence community
ethnicity of Russian organized crime includesArmenian, Chechen, Georgian, Jewish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Tartar, and Ukrainian
Vorya dominant Russian organized crime group that developed among individuals in Soviet prison camp
revenue of Russian mafia from human traffickingabout $7 billion a year
the Italian-American mafia groups in a certain area were called the Five-Points gangs
columbian cartelscame before mexican cartels, thrived on drug trafficking and weak central government
yakuzaJapanese organized crime group; often involved in gambling, real estate investment fraud, prostitution, and human trafficking
Pablo Escobaramong the 227 billionaires in the world with a personal net worth close to $3 billion dollars, drug trafficker; latino; imported approximately 90,000 kilos per year of cocaine worth about $2.75 billion

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