Chapter 12 & 13 Quiz

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Section 1

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The acronym GRAS stands for:Generally Recognized As Safe
The dietary Supplement Health and Education Art (DSHEA) redefined dietary supplements to include:Substances such as herbs, amino acids, and concentrates and extracts of herbs
Dietary Supplement labels can state that a supplement has a beneficial effect on some function of the body, but supplements are NOT allowed to:claim to be a cure or treatment for any disorder
No Doz, a common OTC drug, contains in one pill the same amount of caffeine as in (_________) cup(s) of brewed coffee.1
As of 2006, a dietary supplement must include on the label:an address for reporting adverse events the user may experience
Diphenhydramine, which is found in most sleep aids, is really a(n):antihistamine
Acetylsalicylic acid was originally sold under the brand name:Aspirin
Aspirin should not be given to children because of increased risk for:Reye's syndrome
Since 2006, OTC products containing ______ must be signed for by consumers who purchase them.pseudophedrine
Ibuprofen:is an example of an NSAID
In 2007, the dietary supplement market was estimated at2.7 billion
This food supplement is suggested as a natural remedy for improving mood, reducing anxiety, and aiding sleep, although it is not regulated and does not have to be shown to be effectiveSt. John's Wort
In 2004, it took _10___ years for the FDA to prove that ephedra posed significant and unreasonable risk and was therefore not to be sold10
______ extract might improve memory in Alzheimer's patients, due to its presumed ability to increase blood circulation in the brain, although it has not been proven to be effective.Gingko Biloba
Sometimes the only difference between an OTC product and a prescription product is thethe greater amount of the active ingredient
What is another name for the herbal product ma huang?Ephedra

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If too much is consumed, strychnine will result in:convulsions
Cocaine was available to athletes in the early 1800s in the form of:coca wine
To slow down racing dogs and horses, these animals were given:brandy
Amphetamines were once perceived as ideal ergogenic drugs for training and competition. "Ergogenic" refers to:energy-producing
The first country that provided its athletes the male sex hormone testosterone on a wide-scale basis was:the Soviet Union
According to the textbook, amphetamines or other stimulants may improve performance because the athlete:any of the above may be accurate
Individuals who have taken amphetamines show improved endurance. This improvement may result from:masking of fatigue effects
The phrase "roid rage" refers to:a manic rage reported by some steroid users
____ are drugs used to increase the height and weight of athletes in their adolescence:Human growth hormones
Clenbuterol:has been used as a nonsteriodal anabolic agent
An investigation in 2003 led to a raid on a laboratory suspected in dealing steroids and human growth hormone to Major League Baseball Players. This was known as the ____ scandalBALCO
By 2006, ____ was identified (and banned) as the preferred performance enhancer in the MLB.Amphetamine
BALCO demonstrates that chemistry will keep coming up with new ways toavoid detection
Stimulants will notimprove critical thinking skills
Which argument is the most controversial regarding health risks associated with using stimulants?can enhance cognitive performance
Which statement is true regarding the effect of anabolic steroids?both c and d