Chapter 11

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What is rate of returnRate of return is both the volume of production coupled with the expected cum production
Why is payout important to an oil companyPayout is the amount of time required for the revenue received from the production from a well to be equal to the costs associated with the drilling of the well
What methods of production are used to produce gasJust opening up the valves in the wellhead. Gas flows or it doesn’t
Can an oil company ever get an accurate measurement of how much hydrocarbon a well will produceNot until the well is finished producing

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what is artificial liftPOil is a fluid and the fluid column in a wellbore can be several 100 m high. This fluid column is very heavy and the reservoir pressure may not be sufficient to push the oil to the surface. Artificial lift helps by using pumps to help bring the oil to the surface
type of agreement is usually put into place where several companies would like to place a reservoir under secondary recoveryunit agreement
In-Situ Combustionpumps air down the wellbore and lights the reservoir on fire. The heavy oil burns giving off heat that lowers viscosity and actually does some refining underground.

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