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Chapter 11

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Question Answer
battle of marathongreek victory over the persian army
battle of salamisgreek victory over the persian navy
delian league military alliance led by athens
peloponnesian leaguemilitary alliance led by sparta
sarissa18 foot macedonian pike
alexandria city founded by alexander the great in Egypt
hellenisticform of greek culture
polytheismworship of many gods
mythologycollection of myths
olympic gamesathletic competition held every four years in honor of zues
delphic oraclepriestess believed to predict future
lyric poetrypoetic songs
chorus group of people who commented on the action of a play
socratic methodform of teaching
academyschool of philosophy founded by plato
hypothesislogical guess
hippocratic oathoath taken by medical students swearing to practice medicine in a ethical way

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