Chapter 11 vocabulary.

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Section 1

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battle of marathonended the first persian war.
battle of salamisbroke persian naval power
delian leagueathens and its allies met together on the island of Delos, their alliance was called the delian league. promised to protect one another from the persians
peloponnesian leaguespartans formed an alliance with others on the peloponnesian peninsula, their alliance promised to protect eachother from the athenians

Section 2

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sarissa"the Macedonian pike" a 18-foot long spear
alexandriaa city on the edge of the nile delta founded by alexander the great
hellenistic a form of greek culture

Section 3

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polytheismthe worship of many gods.
mythologythe collection of myths or stories that people tell about their gods or heros.
olympic gamesfamous sporting even made to honor zeus
delphic oracle apollos priestess
lyric poempoetic songs
choruscommented on the action and advised the characters.

Section 4

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socratic methodquestion-and-answer method
academyschool of philosophy
hypothesisa logical guess
hippocratic oathguides doctors