Chapter 11 Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems

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Transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDSs)facilitate the passage of therapeutic quanti- ties of drug substances through the skin and into the general circulation for their systemic effects
Layers of the skinstratum corneum (the outer layer), the living epidermis, and the dermis,
Chemical Enhancersa chemical skin penetration enhancer increases skin permeability by revers- ibly damaging or altering the physicochemical nature of the stratum corneum to reduce its dif- fusional resistance
Iontophoresisdelivery of a charged chemical compound across the skin membrane using an electrical field
Sonophoresishigh-frequency ultra- sound, is also being studied as a means to enhance transdermal drug delivery
Transdermal patchesare designed to support the pas- sage of drug substances from the surface of the skin through its various layers and into the systemic circulation.
tapedosage form that is suitable for delivering drugs to the skin. It consists of a drug that is impregnated into a flexible, durable woven fabric or extruded synthetic material that is coated with an adhesive agent

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