Chapter 11 Review

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Some physical properties of metals is that they are:Shiny, bendable, and they conduct heat.
Volume is the amount of ___ an object takes
_____ is the amount is space an object has.Volume
Elements are abbreviated by a capital letter (_________ for carbon) and sometimes a lowercase letter after it (Na for ___). In a compound such as H2O there are _____ elements (_________ for hydrogen) and (_________ for oxygen). The _________ only means that there are two hydrogen atoms.C, sodium, two different, H, O, 2
Elements in the periodic table are arranged in ____ (columns go up and down).Columns of similar elements
Particles in salts arrange themselves to form geometric patterns called___. Crystals
Most materials get smaller when they cool because the particles have ___________. less space between them
When water is heated it ___. evaporates
Dew forms when water vapor is ___.Cooled
Mixtures _________ be separated.Can
Solutions ___ be separated by hand (the substances are dissolved.)can NOT
In a solution the substance that dissolves (ex. Salt or sugar) is the ___. The substance doing the dissolving (ex. Water) is the ____. solute, solvent
Density is how many particles make up an object. The density of an object ___ change depending on the objects size. That means that a gram of silver has the ___ as 100 grams of silver.does NOT, same density
___ is the measure of weather something floats or sinks. Buoyancy and density are closely related. If an object is ___ than water then it will float. If an object is more dense than water then it will _________. Buoyancy, less dense, sink
____ are the smallest particles that make up all matter. The could be millions in a single cell.Atoms
There are ___ parts to an atom. The outer shell contains the ___ which have a negative charge (E-). In the nucleus (center) of the atom there are ___which have a ___charge (P+) and neutrons which have ____.Three, electrons, protons, positive, no charge.
Pure substances made of only one kind of atom are called ___. There are 100 known elements and they can be found in the ___.elements, periodic table of elements

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