Chapter 11 muscle review

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Section 1

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origensite statonary muscle attachment
insertionsite of mobile muscle attachment
fasicle arrangmentparallel - fusiform - cicular - triangular - penate
agonistcontracts to cause movement
antagoniststretches and yields to the effect of prime mover
synergistcontract and staboliz intermediate joint
fixatorstabolizing the orgin of the prime mover

Section 2

Question Answer
erector spineaextends the vertabral column
transverospinialis(bilateral contraction) extend vertebral column (unilateral contraction) rotate vertabral column
hyoglossusdepresses toungue, draws it to the side
ischiocavernosushelps maintain a penis and clitoral erection (decreases uirine dranage)
lateral rectusabduct eye
medial rectusadducts eye
superior rectus elevates, adducts, medial rotates eye
inferior rectusdepresses adducts, lateral rotation of eye
anterior neck trianglesubmandible salvery glands, coratid arteries, internal jugular vein
posterior neck triangleexternal jugular vein, brachial plexus (nerves)
Front of rotater cuffdeltoid, pec major, coracobrachial
back rotater cuffrhomboids major and minor, teres major, latissimus dorsi
extrinsic musclecontrolled movement
intrinsic muscleweak but prosise movement
what is retinaculafascial bands holding tendons to bone
thenar eminence thumb
what is the IT bandtensor fascia latae

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