Chapter 11 ADJ 107

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pubic order crimescalled victimless crimes; challenge social norms within society
percent of all Internet visits that are adult websitesabout 20%
moral entrepreneurslegislators whose beliefs are thought to supersede others' creating laws to justify their beliefs
Mann Act1910; prohibiting the interstate transport of females for immoral purposes
decline percentage of prostitution arrestsmore than 15% in the past decade
types of prostitutesstreetwalker, bar girl, brothel girl, massage parlor, cyber hookers, circuit travelers, escort services
streetwalkersprostitutes who work the streets in plain view of the public; considered the least attractive type of prostitution
brothel girlwomen working in a brothel ; often a different ethnicity
cyber hookeronline prostitution; often middle-class; choice of who to pick for business
circuit traveler moves around the country in groups of two to three and are controlled by a pimp; often young girls and sometimes runaways and addicts
madamthe front person of a prostitution establishment; often decides if the client is acceptable; usually used today
percent of sexually exploited children involved in prositution ringsabout 20%
punishment for prostitution is for ___both the individual hiring and the prostitute
prostitution customers fear...publicity
johnsthose who hire prostitutes
Miller vs. California1973; three-prong test for obscenity in relation to porn created
amount of illegal substance use throughout the world per year for ages 15-64between about 155-250 million people (3.5-5.7% of population)
Eighteenth Amendment1919; banned sales of alcoholic beverages
"Great Experiment"how the public referred to prohibition; because society would not become victims of substance abuse
Harrison Act1914; made it illegal to sell/give away opium/opium derivatives and coca or its derivatives without written order on a form issued by the commissioner of revenue
Marijuana Tax Act1937; passed to tax the sale of cannabis within the US to make obtaining weed basically impossible
Boggs ACt1951; provided mandatory sentences for indivs violating federal drug laws
amount of Americans 12+ who have used an illicit drug in the past year20 million
amount of illegal drugs Americans consume about 2/3 of the world's illegal drugs
alcohol and violent crimes/accidentsDOJ says around 4/10 violent crimes/motor accidents involved alcohol

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