Chapter 10

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What is the most cost effective way to move oilThrough pipeline
other methods can be used to move oilTanker, rail car, truck
the only cost effective way to move gaspipeline
infrastructurefacilities that do the field processing and the pipelines that transport to market
Gas is forced through pipelines usingcompressor at a compression facility
Oil is forced through pipelines usingpump at a pumping station
Most of the oil companies in Calgary belong to the _______ end of the petroleum industryUpstream
What is the “downstream” end oil productionRefineries to produce different products, especially gasoline
What is the “downstream” end of gas productionend use consumer, home heating, etc
before installing pipe what is the first thing an oil company must doObtain a ROW and a Pipeline Licence
Does and oil company require a licence before putting in a pipeline? Who would they get a licence from?Yes - EUB
What is evaluated by the EUB before a licence is grantedneed for the pipeline, the ROW must be in place, the pipeline design must meet EUB standards for the fluid being transmitted at the line pressures expected

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