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Chapter 10

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Question Answer
polis greeck city state
citizenlegal member in a state or community
acropolis high city in greek
politics art and practice of gov
aristocracyhereditary class or rulers greek
tenant farmerperson who pays rent in money or crops
meticforeigner in a greek city state often a merchant or artisn
slavery ownership and controled of other people as property
oligarchygov in which a small group of people rule
phalanxgreek military formation of heavily armed foot soldures
tyrannyunjust use of power or in ancient greek a gov run by a srong ruler
democracyform of govin which citizen hold political power
citizenshipmembers in a state or community which gives a person civil and political rights
direct democracygov in which citizen take part directly in the day to day affairs
representative democracydemocracy in which people elect represetatives to make the nations laws
ephorman responsable for the day to day operation of the gov in sparta
helotmessenian person forced to work as a lowly farmer by sparta
miltary statesociety organized for the puroose of waging war
barracksmilitary housing

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