Chapter 10 - The Ancient Greeks

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Question Answer
polisGreek city-state
citizensmembers of the city-state w/ legal rights
acropolishigh city
politicsthe art & practice of government
aristocracya hereditary class of rulers
tenant farmerspeople who paid rent, either in money or crops on another person's land
meticsresident aliens
slaverythe ownership & control of other people
oligarchya type of government the Greeks had
phalanxa formation of heavily armed on-foot soldiers who moved together as a unit
tyrannygovernment run by a stronger ruler
democracygovernment ruled by the people
citizenshipmembership in a community
direct democracya political system in which citizens participate directly in making decisions
representative democracycitizens elect others to represent them in government
ephormade sure that the king & the council act within the limits of the Spartan law
helotMessanian person forced to work as a lowly farmer by Sparta
military statesociety organized for the purpose of waging war
barracksmilitary housing