Chapter 10 section 4

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The artsmost notable achievements in sculptures, paintings, architecture, and writing
statues and paintingsstatues admired because made to look perfect -studied body -statues are realistic
Greek architecturesee remains of architecture today -great care in designing -buildings reflect greatness of city -Parathon: most impressive -400BCE: temple for athena
New forms of writinggreek writers created new forms of writing -Drama,History,Tragedy -Drama:scenes in honor of gods and heros -part of religious ceremonies -Best tragedy writers: aeschylus + Sophocks -famous comedy writer: Aristophanes -first to write about history -1 of greatest greek historian: Thucydides -wrote about Peloponnesian war -From Athens but tried to stay neutral
Philiosophy500 BCE:philosopher began to believe in human mind -Think, explain, understand
Socratesbelieved never stop looking for knowledge -teacher and thinker - taught by asking questions -wanted people to question gods -arrested and condemned accepted death and drank poison
Platostudent of socrates -teacher and philosopher -started a school (academy) -wrote many works -famous: the Republic -describes ideal society -justice and fairness run by philosophers
sciencearistotle inspired many scientist to look closely at the world
mathmaticseuclid interested in geometery -many rules from his writing
Medicine and engineeringhippocrates: greatest doctor - wanted to figure out diseases so he could treat them -known for ideal: how doctors should behave - engineers made great discoveries - some in use today -archimedes screw: brings water from lower level to higher level
Aristotlegreatest thinker -plato's student -live on moderation and reason -advances in field of logic