Chapter 10 muscular tissue review

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cockingmyosin hydrolyze ATP (storing energy for future use)
crossbridge formationmyosin binds actin (uses stored energy)
powerstrokeADP and free phosphate leaves , myosin bends, pulling actin
releasea new ATP binds and myosin is released
muscle cyclecocking, crossbridge - powerstroke - release
excitation-contraction couplingturns electrical signal to mechanical - connect excitation of a muscle to its conntraction
synapseregion of communication (neuron connect to muscle)
synaptic cleftgap between neuron and muscle
acetylcholineneurotransmitterrelease in NMJ that causes contraction
dystrophin protenconnects actin to sarcolemma
neublin protienhelps anchor thin filimants to z disc
titinstabolizes myosin, elasticity and extensability of muscle
actinthin filiments that contains site for myosin to bind
myosinthick filiment - convert ATP to motion - myosin heads attach to actin
contractile protiengenerates force during contraction
regulatory protienregulates contraction (turns process on and off)
structural protienaligns filiments - provides elesticity and extenability - link myfibrils to sacrolemma
troponinbinds calcium
tropomyosinblocks myosin binding sites on actin- removed when troponin binds with calcium
filimentsstructures within myofibrils - thin and thick
sarcomeresfunctional unit of muscle
sarcoplasmic reticuliummuscles ER - stores calcium ions m- terminal cistenrae
terminal cistenraeends of SR forms triad with the t-tubules
myofribrilsthread like organelles, contractile function
sarcoplasmabundant miochondria - containd glycogen and myoglobin
sarcolemmaPM of muscle cell
fasciadense irragulart CT
3 connective tissue layers from inside outendomysium - perimysium - epimysium
4 properties of muscle tissue- elasticity - extensability - electrical excitability - contractability
4 functions of muscle cells produce heat - stabolize body movement - produce body movement - storing and moving substances within the body
embryonic tissue is muscle dirived from whatmesoderm
what tissue do the 3 muscles arise frommesodermal cells

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